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The Holcim Philippines Davao Plant, which has a seaport beside its production facilities, has one of the most advanced cement loading facilities in South East Asia. Since 1998, it has exported its products to West Africa, Palau, Indonesia, Singapore and the United States. It is currently the only Philippine cement manufacturer that produces and exports ASTM Type I/II Sulfate Resistant Low Alkali Cement.

Plant Location Davao City, Philippines
Annual capacity (clinker) 1.7 million tons/year
Bulk cement loader (Brand)
Loading rate (average) 12,000 tons/day
Pier length xxx meters
Draft 12 meters
Export vessel size 42,000 tone DWT

For inquiries:
Contact Person: William Sumaling, Exports Manager
Address: Bo. Ilang, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Tel. No. (082)238.0034-35 / 238.0249
Fax No. (082)238.0032
E-mail: export@davaocement.com.ph william.sumaling@holcim.com
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